A long-distance move will provide many opportunities for your items to be jostled, bounced, lost, and damaged. To help prevent these unfortunate eventualities, we have compiled 8 of the best packing tips from cross country moving services that can help you protect your belongings.

1. Pack To Protect

When protecting your more delicate items for a long distance move, it is wise to wrap your glass or crystal items in bubble wrap before slipping them inside of a thick article of clothing. For delicate wooden items, wrap them in heavy towels or blankets and stack them neatly in the same boxes.

2. Organization Is Key

To help your future self during the unpacking process, organize your boxes so that you can easily find what you need during the first few days of settling into your new home. Packing all kitchenware into the same box and labeling it as “kitchenware,” for example, is a great way to organize your boxes and keep the confusion down.

3. Keep Essential Items On You

Items that you’ll need immediately upon arriving at your new home, such as medications, toothbrush, toothpaste, toiletries, phone chargers, etc., should be kept on your person in a bag or suitcase for easy retrieval and to ensure its safety during the trip. Don’t forget all the essentials when packing for your pet as well!

4. Put Your Name On Your Boxes

If you’ve hired a professional moving company to move your belongings long-distance, you should write your name and new home address on all of your boxes. Moving companies will sometimes switch trucks and transfer your belongings. This will help to keep all of your boxes together and reduce the risk of a box going missing.

5. Cover Your Mattress

Moving trucks can be dirty places, so if you’re moving your mattresses inside of a moving truck, you should cover the mattress to protect it from collecting dirt, grease, grime, and stains. You can opt to place it inside of a mattress box, or you can wrap it in a mattress bag.

6. Stack Heavy Boxes On Bottom

If you’re packing your moving truck, according to these moving companies Las Vegas, it is vital that you remember to place all heavier boxes on the bottom of the stack. During a long move, heavy boxes can smash and damage lighter boxes beneath them, resulting in damaged and broken belongings.

7. Utilize All Box Space

You can reduce the number of boxes you need to pack if you’re clever about how you pack your belongings. Take the opportunity to stuff rolled up socks, t-shirts, thin shoes, and other malleable items in between larger possessions that are already in boxes.

8. Carry Liquids With You

Unless your liquid items are inside of a wooden or steel container, they have a very good chance of being damaged and causing a leak. This can compromise the integrity of other belongings in the box. Instead, lock the lids on your liquid bottles and carry them with you in a bag or a suitcase.

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